My visit to the prosenter

My visit to the prosenter was interesting. As they’re focusing on helping prostetutes, there is a lot of information that people dont know about. To be able to listen to a professional talk about how the company was operating and about how many people who choose this line of work, and where most of them are from was quite exciting to listen to, and she got my attention. We went through a lot of things that people don’t usually like to talk about, because it is very personal. But I think it is healthy to og through it eather way.

  • “Discuss why human trafficking is a global issue”.

Human trafficking is defined as a person or a group/organisation who would transfer a human being over borders where the person who’s being transfered is either forced or charmed in to believing that the traffickers has a profitable motive towards them. In todays society there is human trafficking in almost every continent on earth, and thouse who are trafficked are often transfered to different countries regularly.

I would definitively say that human trafficking is a global issue, where as a norwegian citizen would rather think this does not happen in Norway, but it does. Mostly there are people from poor countries who enter norway, but also norwegians who are forced in to selling their body to strangers in developing countries for instance. As the majority of developing countries have got less laws or perhaps gray areas where they’re able to opperate without government innvolvement.

My letter to the next president of the United States

Dear mr. President,

During the last stages of the presidential election, the focus on the people representing both democrats and republicans has been too individualized. What I mean by that is the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are being voted on by the way they are as individuals, and not for wether or not they have the stumach to make decissions that benefits the majority of the population they’re representing.

A president should be a kind of person you trust in  making the best decissions, a person that you 100% believe will represent the people and a person that can stand up and actually make a change, instead of just using big words to get attention.

Donald Trump is a kind of person that would let personal matters get in the way of making the best decissions that would benefit the majority of the habitants. He is very open about what changes he wants to do, but what I think that his problem is, is the fact that he puts people in nations in groups. For example in Mexico, where he strongly believes that every single individual in that country are either drug smuglers, murders, rapists and so on.

Hillary Clinton seems more like a person that could represent the people in a cool, and an adult matter. Despite that, she has been prooved to be a liar, which can be quite terrifying to have a person like that represent the people of a whole nation.

My advice to you: Listen to the people, represent your habitants, rather than representing yourself.

Humans of Oslo

Today our class went to Oslo to interview tourists, and to find out where they’re from and to ask a couple of personal questions, to see what they had to say. It was a really exciting task, because I’ve never randomly approached strangers to ask them personal questions before. The structure of the interview is inspired by the project of “Humans of New York”.


“My name is Alex, and I am from Australia.”
“I have a personal interest in traveling, foods and taking pictures.”
“As a kid I wanted to become an architect, because I have always enjoyed buildings and I am very interested in it, but I never became an architect.”
“My greatest achievement is retirement, so that me and my wife can enjoy life by traveling and doing what we want.”

Topics for the year

Studying and Working Abroad

Many young people choose to go abroad to study or work. What might be the reasons for this?

  • The reason why a lot of young people choose to go abroad to study or work, is because of experience. Most people defines experience as a necessety, where the more experience you have, the better it is. Espessially when you’re young, you want to see how the rest of the world looks like with your own eyes. I would love to study abroad to get some variety of my education, but also for experience.


Intercultural Communication

How can sport and travel contribute to a better understanding and communication between cultures?

  • The amazing thing with sports, is that cultures unite. International championships makes people from all over the world unite, where these championships usually are hosted in different places. Sports is a great way to get countries to come together. This can even create a multicultural society, where people learn a whole bunch of different cultures, and takes it with them.
  • Travel allows people to get to where ever they want, to experience other cultures and lifestyles than their own. During the summer vacation, I went to Spain, Granada with some friends, where I really noticed how different our cultures are around the world. Granada is split into two cultures, where we have the stereotypical spansih culture, but also an arabic culture in the same city. It was really exciting, because these ¬†two cultures are so different, and you could see how the arcihtecture, the shops, the people and the enviroments changed.


Varieties of English

There are many variants of English. Choose one of the countries where a variety of English is spoken (not the USA or the UK). Explain why English is one of the main languages there and describe how this variant differs from standard English.

  • In Jamaica they speak english as a main language. After all, they were a colony of great britain, which has had a great influence in why they chose that language. English is looked at as an international language, where people all over the world can use this to communicate with eachother. That is why they proabaly kept it as a part of their culture, since it makes it easier to connect globally.
  • Jamaican english, is really quite similar to UK’s english when it comes to writing, but in Jamaica, the words are pronounced very differently. It is easy to recognice a jamaican accent, because it is quite different than other accents.

Breaking the Ice – feedback

At first, I expected to feel more comfortable around the class during the end of the day.

The emotions I felt during the tasks was:

  1. Entertained
  2. happy
  3. a small bit uncomfortable
  4. nervous
  5. more comfortable at the end

The reason why I felt these emotions, was because I was both excited and curious during the exercises. After all, the exercises was quite different than what I’ve experienced before, but in a positive way.

I learned some different uses of proverbs, which can come in handy as a way of expressing feelings in several situations in the future. I also learned some about myself, where I felt a little insecure at first, but it didn’t take long untill I felt completely comfortable around the class.